Board of Directors

Our membership consists of weatherization professionals representing states and Native American organizations. If you have a question about membership, please contact our president, Mimi Burbage email.

Energy OutWest Board Officers

Mimi Burbage


Alaska Housing Finance Corp.


Mimi Burbage

Mimi Burbage


Ms. Burbage has worked in the fields of building energy efficiency, affordable housing, and related community and economic development since 1978 in Alaska.  She ran a non-profit that provided weatherization services statewide particularly in rural and remote Alaska.  She is currently Program Manager for Weatherization services of the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation serving communities statewide through a combination of State and federal funding.  She administers grants to 15 agencies, completes all compliance for DOE and the state, and does final QCI inspections for each of the agencies.  She is also President of Energy Outwest, the western region peer exchange organization.


Ken Robinette


For 39 years Ken has been with the South Central Community Action Partnership (SCCAP) in Twin Falls Idaho. He has been the Chief Executive Officer for the past 17 years.  He started his career with Community Action in 1979 as the Weatherization Crew Foreman and his responsibilities were to oversee a federal program called CETA that was designed to provide carpentry and home weatherization job training for youth’s ages 16 to 18 years old.  

In 1981 Ken became the Director of the Weatherization/Housing Rehab program for SCCAP. 

Ken is the current Vice President of Energy Outwest, an organization of energy conservation professionals in the western United States thatpromotes and advances the technical capacity of the region’s environmental and energy services network and to provide quality service targeting but not limited to low-income households. 

In 2006 Ken’s organization created a for-profit LLC company called Home Energy Management which is owned by SCCAP to provide weatherization services for middle to upper income homeowners with the profits going to support SCCAP’s low-income weatherization program.

Arleen Novotney

Arleen Novotney


In 1981, Arleen Novotney began this career in Energy Efficiency as a VISTA volunteer.  In 1982, she worked on the weatherization crew, intake, assessment and manager for a local Los Angeles Community Based Organization WAP provider after the VISTA assignment was completed.  She became one of the first State of California Lead Inspectors in the early 1990s while administering the State Lead Program funded by HUD.

Arleen has since 2003, been the Executive Director of the Association of California Community and Energy Services (ACCES).  ACCES provides T&TA, OSHA training and other services to the California network of Low-Income Energy Providers. ACCES also serves as an administrator of several low-income energy efficiency, solar and water conservation programs. These programs are leveraged with the DOE WAP, LIHEAP and state funded Low-Income energy programs to extend the possible services       to all California Low-Income communities.

Andy Etue

Andy Etue


Hired by the Washington State Department of Commerce in 2004, Andrew serves as a Weatherization Compliance and Inspections Manager. Andrew effectively combines a broad range of experience into a holistic approach to monitor, mentor, and collaborate with Weatherization program providers and staff. In addition to working with community action agencies, local governments, and native tribes, Andrew also serves on the board of directors for Energy OutWest. Andrew is an accomplished musician and enjoys spending time with his family and friends in Chehalis, Washington.

Energy OutWest Members and Representatives

Alaska – Mimi Burbage (EOW President/Chairperson 2022-2024), Shelby Clem, Jim Lee, Dan Berube (at large 2022-2024)

Mimi Burbage

Arizona – Travis Ekenberg, Tony Reis, Chris Baker (at large 2022-2024), Vinny Pedalino (at large 2021-2023), Ken Pancost (at large 2022-2024)

 Vinny Pedalino Ken Pancost

California – Leslie Campanela, Val Martinez, Arleen Novotney (EOW Secretary 2022-2024, at large)

Val Martinez Arleen Novotney

Colorado – Andy Cordova (State designated Representative), Marcus Redden (State designated Representative)

Andy Cordova

Idaho – Lisa Johnson, Ken Robinette (EOW Vice President 2021-2023), Rod Burk (at large 2021-2023)

Lisa Johnson Ken Robinette

Rod Burk 

Hawaii – Courtney N. Ho

Montana – Cary Grubb (State Representative), Arron Mugaas

Navajo Nation – Marlon Stevens, Marilyn Tepaha

New Mexico – Troy Cucchiara (State Representative), Dimitri Florez

Troy Cucchiara 

New York – David Hepinstall (State designated Representative)

David Hepinstall

Nevada – Raul Betancourt, Dr. May Worthey-Thomas

North Dakota – Bruce Hagen, Cal Steiner (at large 2022-2024), Brandon Kjelden

Bruce Hagen Cal Steiner Brandon Kjelden

Oregon – Jack Hruska (at large 2022-2024), Michael Figueredo (State Representative), Kraig Ludwig

Jack Hruska Michael Figuerdo Kraig Ludwig  

Utah - Brad Carpenter 

Vermont – Geoff Wilcox

Virginia – Phil Hull (State Representative)

Washington – Andy Etue (EOW Treasurer 2021-2023), Chris Clay (State Representative), Jessicarae Nunez (EOW Support)

Andy Etue Chris Clay   

Other Affiliates – John Tooley (at large 2021-2023), Doug Misenheimer (at large 2022-2024), Amanda Hatherly (at large 2022-2024), Jonathan Ballew (at large 2021-2023)