Remembrance of Ken Tohinaka 9/6/1940-11/14/2018

The Building Energy Efficiency and Weatherization world lost one of its original founders recently.  Ken Tohinaka who lived in Vermont for over 30 years and worked in our field for longer than that, passed away in Utah where he had moved to be closer to his family.  Ken started as a local CAP Weatherization Director in 1981.  He joked that he was hired during the Reagan administration to shut the Weatherization Program down, and failed miserably (in his typical, dry, wit).  Ken influenced, taught and was a mentor to many folks in the Vermont Energy Efficiency world over the last 30-40 years, not to mention the influence he had on similar folks across the country.  His knowledge was immense, his love for the work even bigger, and his personality one of a kind.  Its comforting for those who were lucky enough to know and work with him, to realize that his legacy and work will live on for many years, as the mark he left was huge.  Thank you Ken for all you have done for Energy Efficiency and the Weatherization Program.  You will be missed. 

Ken's obituary can be found here

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