WPN 19-4 Revised Energy Audit Approval Procedures, Related Audit and Approval Materials

DOE recently released WPN 19-4 which included the extension of life for some insulation materials and heating systems. EOW initiated this effort with Jonathan Ballew from Montana providing the initial research needed for consideration. 

We worked in tandem with Derek Schroeder from the Department of Energy (DOE), Glen Salas from Simonson Management Services and Oak Ridge National Laboratory  to substantiate the claim that the life of insulation was not accurate and was affecting the accuracy of the Savings to Investment Ratio.  With the extension, many related measures will pay back more easily going forward and be more reflective of reality.

I am beside myself with excitement about these new lifetimes! This is the result of a Community Action Agency, a State Grantee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, DOE, a private consulting firm, and the Energy OutWest Board coming together to tackle an issue. The result will be more insulation installed in more homes all over the country. We do this work to help people and this is a big step forward.” - Jonathan Ballew, Energy Programs Director for Rocky Mountain Development Council. 

Effective: Jan. 17, 2019

To provide clarification to energy audit approval criteria used by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to determine compliance with rule 10 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 440; clarifies procedures by which Grantees can submit energy audits and lists of general heat waste reduction measures to DOE for approval every five years pursuant to 10 CFR 440.21(i); clarifies requirements for switching between energy audit tools; clarifies requirements for DOE access to web-based energy auditing tools; establishes requirements for maintenance of software audit tools; and, clarifies requirements to ensure compliance with materials procured under 10 CFR 440.21 (b).

PDF icon WPN 19-4 Revised Energy Audit Approval Procedures, Related Audit and Material Approvals

PDF icon WPN 19-4 Revised Energy Audit Attachments

PDF icon WPN 19-4 Attachment 6

Please note, Weatherization Program Notices and Memorandum are posted directly to the EERE Website, which you can access by following the link found here.

In addition to the WPN, DOE created a training video for the network to clarify the updates. The video can be accessed at the link found here.  

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